miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

¡Feliz Día de Star Wars!

Hoy, 4 de mayo, os vuelvo a desear, como el año pasado, un feliz día de Star Wars.

Para ello, podéis tararear la inolvidable banda sonora junto a Jimmy Fallon y el elenco de El despertar de la Fuerza. Me encanta el subidón que da este contagioso vídeo.

3 comentarios:

carolina dijo...

May the force be with you too, my friend. But I'm affraid that I won't enjoy that piece of music, as long as I don't like any part of "The Force awakens" Well, almost any part. Long life to Han Solo, and I expect Luke Skywalker will recover the place he deserve within the New Republic. Weeeell, the so called "Alliance" Or whatever they call it.

Conchi dijo...

You may dislike the film, but I find hard to understand you can't enjoy the video. Even Harrison Ford is there!

carolina dijo...

Uppps, the video... yeah, sorry, I didn't watch it. I'll amend my fault right now, otherwise Dart Vader's ghost will chocke me.